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Around the Farm

Tropical Sunset

Rainbow Plantation is a working coffee and macadamia farm. Between early September and February many rounds of Kona Coffee are harvested. Macadamia nuts drop all year but especially in the Fall.

On this wild life and animal sanctuary you will find many varieties of birds, wild pheasants, turkeys, peacocks, unusual chickens, parrots, miniature horses , our plump potbelly pig, "Magnolia" and a wild but friendly pig who showed up on our farm to find shelter from hunters. All of the critters are guarded and protected by "Soleil" our smart and lovable dog from the animal shelter.

Our Cactus Garden Happy Chicken Relaxing Our Horse Corral Various Lovebirds in Our Avery Ludwig Enjoying the Sun Alex and Maile :-)
Marianna with Daisy and a Peacock The Pathway to Our Home A Peacock Petunia Doing What She Does Best, Eating A Young White Peacock Stairs Leading Up To The House
One of Our Koi Ponds One of Our Koi Ponds Ali Shiba Whistling Annuenue Lane Annuenue Lane Shade Under a Macadamia Nut tree
A Turkey Visiting the Farm Tropical Sunset Tropical Sunset Tropical Sunset Our Loving Sunshine The Walkway to the House
Our Horse Pasture Our Happy Horses View from the Deck Fresh Bananas, On the Tree Horses by the Fence Ladybug by the Hammock
A Lamp Post by our Driveway Maile Waiting to Go for a Ride Our Road Sunshine Sitting on His Cage Our Three Miniature Horses Marianna Holding A Peacock
Reiner Standing on the Bridge Our Deck Marianna with Maggie (Magnolia) An Anole on a Leaf Closeup of a Peacock against the Sky Fresh Bananas waiting to Ripen
A Green Gecko More Happy Horses Parrots Hanging Out in the Trees A Peacock Showing off His Feathers Sunshine A White Peacock
Shadow of a Gecko Showing Through the Leaf Pignic Taking a Bath Pignic and Soleil Taking a Bath